Welcome to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, located in the heart of Newtown, is a Rite 1 Episcopal church, following traditional liturgies reflected in the language and piety of the Elizabethan era and uses the first Book of Common Prayer. St. Luke’s has been under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Ernest Albert Curtin Jr., rector of St. Luke’s Church since 2009. The Mission of St. Luke's Church is to worship and serve Jesus Christ, and to proclaim His Good News by providing traditional Anglican faith, doctrine and practice; by nurturing the spiritual and emotional growth of the parish family; and by enabling outreach to the broader community to serve others in need. We offer a well-developed Christian education program, because we believe that it is spiritually essential for everyone to learn not only what he or she believes, but why. St. Luke's parish is blessed with a strong, vital lay leadership whose faith is firmly placed in Jesus Christ as expressed through traditional Anglicanism. Parish membership is a wonderful cross-section of ages, income levels, interests and abilities. Give us an opportunity to meet you and welcome you to St. Luke's. Whether you are passing through, or looking for a new church home, we hope that you find our community welcoming. Our members are available to assist those who are new to our church and our masses. Our door is always open to you. [/pl_text]