Christmas Services:

Christmas Eve:

5PM | Family Christmas Pageant

7:30PM | Concert

8PM | Concerted Mass

11PM | Midnight Mass

Christmas Day:

10AM | Mass (No Music)

Easter Services:

Ash Wednesday: 7:30AM | 12PM | 7PM

Maundy Thursday: 7PM

Good Friday: 12PM | 1:30PM | 7PM

Holy Saturday Vigil: 7PM

Easter: 7:30AM | 9AM | 11AM


The Mission of St. Luke's Church is to worship and serve Jesus Christ, and to proclaim His Good News by Providing traditional Anglican faith, doctrine and practice; by nurturing the spiritual and emotional growth of the parish family; and by enabling outreach in His Holy Name.

Sunday Masses 8AM & 10AM   |   Sunday School 10AM


St. Luke's is a community that is committed to the Great Commission, to calling people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, to teaching people how to live a Christ-like life, and to serving others in need. We welcome all in the name of Christ. We offer a well-developed Christian Education Program because we believe that it is spiritually essential for everyone to learn not only what he or she believes, but why. Our musical traditions are outstanding in quality. We offer many opportunities to become involved in the life and work of the church. Give us an opportunity to meet you and welcome you to St. Luke's. We warmly welcome all who come to worship our God! Each day we live is a priceless gift from God, loaded with possibilities to learn something new, to gain fresh insights into His great truths. May we be showered with those blessings as we together profess His Name. Whether you are passing through, or looking for a church home, we hope that you find our community welcoming and that you will consider joining us as we encounter Jesus through our use of the Anglican Service Book, which is an edition of the Book of Common Prayer completely in classical language. If you have a church home and are simply visiting, we hope that you enjoy your time with us, that you feel the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, and that you join us again soon.


St. Mary's Rosary Guild

St. Mary's Rosary Guild meets Saturday at 8:10 AM in the Church to pray The Rosary.

The Altar Guild

The Altar Guild takes special care of the church and chapel, their sanctuaries, and the sacristy. The guild reverently prepares for all the daily services including care of all the linens and vessels. They work in teams at various times of the year.

The Vestry

The Vestry consists of twelve laypeople elected at the annual parish meeting in January. They are concerned with the temporal affairs of the parish.

The Property Committee

The Property Committee is in charge of the trees and flower beds of St. Luke's. Contact the church office for further information.


Ushers greet people, distribute worship bulletins and answer questions. They offer oblations during the services.

Lay Readers

Lay Readers read the Old Testament lesson, the Epistle, and the Intercessions during the Eucharist and administer the chalice during the Eucharist.

St Luke's Women's Fellowship

All women of St. Luke's are automatically members of the Women's Fellowship (a.k.a. ECW). The purpose of this group is to provide a flexible framework, so that every woman has an opportunity to actively express Christianity through service and fellowship.

Aiding Our Neighbors

St. Luke's works with the Aiding our Neighbors ministry to assess and meet the needs of individuals and families seeking assistance. In addition to case by case need throughout the year we provide food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts during the Christmas holidays. Easter Baskets are provided with food for families at Easter.

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